What Will It Cost?

What Will It Cost?

What Will It Cost?

This form does not provide a formal quote; in fact no calculations made on this page are sent anywhere. Its primary role is to allow you to play with the various components required to produce a website so you can calculate approximate costs.

It also demonstrates our transparent pricing policy. Development rates are £35 per hour for start-up businesses (valid for the first 12 months), £40 per hour for registered charity, and our standard business rate is £45 per hour for development. We are not VAT registered so there are no hidden extras.

The cost calculator will also help you identify those elements which you will need to pay for and areas where you may be able to do some of the work yourself to minimise costs.

We also offer a number of competitive support packages, based on the appropriate hourly rate for each client. Our default support option is simply to charge our hourly rate when support is requested. However you can purchase hours on a quarterly basis at a £5 per hour discount, or for even greater savings you can purchase hours on a monthly basis at a £10 per hour discount.

Domain Registration

Annual Registration of .co.uk Domains
Annual Registration of .com Domains
Annual Registration of .net Domains
Annual Registration of .org Domains
Annual Registration of .eu Domains

Hosting Package

No Hosting Package
Basic Hosting Package
Standard Hosting Package
Business Hosting Package

Hosting Extras

No Hosting Extras
Dedicated IP Address
SSL Licence and Dedicated IP Address
Postini Spam Protection (per email account)

Hourly Rates

Start-up Business Hourly Rate (£35)
Charity Hourly Rate (£40)
Standard Business Hourly Rate (£45)
Number of Web Development Hours
(Each web page takes approximately 1 hour of development time)

Types of Website

No Website
Static Site Set-up Costs
Content Management System Site Set-up Costs
Ecommerce & Content Management System Set-up Costs

WordPress Extras

Pre-designed Theme from themeforest.net
Comment Form & Trackback Spam Protection
Contact Form Generator
Thumbnail Image Carousel
Maths Based Form Captcha
Double Opt-in Newsletter Subscriber
Image Galleries & Slideshows
Browser Caching & Content Compression
Image Gallery Lightbox
Automatic Sitemap Generator
Image Magnifier
Page Print Options
Events Calendar
Google Map
Google Map with Form

Support Options

Number of Web Support Hours

Design Options

Logo Design
Business Card and Stationery Design
Bespoke Website Template Design
Number of Graphic Design Hours

Extended Services

Number of Photography Hours (including VAT)
Number of Copywriting Hours (including VAT)
Number of Marketing Hours (including VAT)
 Total Cost