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Web Design – Commissioning A New Website

Web Design

Commissioning your own website may sound rather grand but that is precisely what you are doing. You might commission a portrait to capture your unique features. In the case of web design the aim is to encapsulate the unique attributes of your organisation or business.

The best way to accomplish this is to sit down over a cup of tea and slice of homemade cake and talk to us. We would also recommend speaking to other suppliers. We are not afraid of a little competition, and you will get peace of mind that you have picked the supplier who can best match your requirements.

Nobody expects you to understand all our jargon and terminology. The objective is not to turn you into a techie, but to turn technology to your advantage and allow you to connect with your clients smarter, faster, and more profitably. We try to explain things as clearly as we can which is why we have produced the following sections to help you understand what is involved in designing a new website.

Essential Steps

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with this section, as it describes the key elements of producing a website. It explains which elements of the process are cheap and need little thought, and which ones are more costly and need careful consideration. By knowing these details you will be better able to prioritise your requirements and budget accordingly.

Techie Terminology

If you want to get really hands-on with your website, or if you have a thirst for knowledge, then we are more than happy to share the technical aspects of your site with you. This section details the software that we use and provide a number of links where you can read more on becoming fluent with their languages.

Selling Online

There are a numerous factors to take into consideration when setting up an online store. This section details the main points to consider and should enable you to prepare your products for marketing online.

A great deal of development time, and therefore money, can be saved if you are able to produce this information in advance of requesting an ecommerce website to be created.