Business Hosting

Business Hosting Package – £150 per year

This package is ideal for large content management systems (CMS) and ecommerce sites. Support is provided for pages written in HTML and PHP, as well as Perl scripts. Provision has been made for up to 15 databases.

The following features are available with this package:
  • Web usage – 45 Gigabytes (Gb) of data can be transferred to/from the server each month.
  • Files on server – 45,000 files can be stored on the server at any one time.
  • Disk space on server – 45 Gigabytes (Gb) of data can be stored on the server at any one time.
  • Email accounts – 450 email accounts can be created.
  • Email storage – 250 Megabytes (Mb) of emails can be stored for each email account.
  • FTP accounts – 450 FTP accounts can be created.
  • Databases – 15 MySQL database can be created.
  • Contention ratio – To provide a stable environment we ring-fence resources for use specifically by your account with a 1:1 contention ratio.
  • Email per hour – Each domain can send 450 emails per hour.
  • Webmail – Enables you to access email via a web browser.
  • Email Forwarders – Redirect email to a different email account.
  • Email Auto-Responder – Respond to emails with a standard response, such as when you are away on holiday.
  • Webalizer Reporting – Track website usage detail number of hits, most popular pages, referrer sites, etc.
  • Sub-domains – www is the default sub-domain, but others can be requested.
    (e.g. if you have a mobile version of your site)
  • URL redirects – Redirect secondary domains to your preferred domain.
    (e.g. could redirect to
  • Multiple languages – HTML, PHP, Perl are all supported on our Apache driven web servers.
Optional Extras:
  • SSL Certificate for domain at £50 per year to allow usage of https traffic.
    Note: it also requires a dedicated IP address.
  • Dedicated IP address for domain at £70 per year.
  • Postini Spam Protection at £2 per month per email account.