Design and Project Management

Your business may have already selected a software product but then need help with implementation, or help finding the right product to manage your business needs.

We can provide support on every step of the process. Software design, server build, database design, application installation, configuration, bespoke alterations, and all levels of support.

When it comes to working with software houses to discuss their products, we talk their language. If you need a local expert who can translate your needs into their actions then we are the right people to have on your side.

Client Side Scripting

Client side scripting is simply software which runs on your website which makes things run smoothly and more engaging for the user.

This is done using a combination of Javascript and JQuery for logic, and Cascading Style Sheets for design specification.

Examples of client side scripts can be any of the following :-

  • Smart forms, questionnaires, quizzes
  • Simple games and animations
  • Playing videos and audio clips
  • Maps such as Google Maps
  • Responsive Style Sheeting

Third Party Applications

There are many industry standard applications available that can be used to help create a web site or web based application. Some are free whilst others are purchasable.

By taking the time to look at your specific requirements, and ensuring you get the best from those products, we can provide the technical expertise that can be called upon when required and at an affordable price.

We can provide plug-ins and widgets to enhance the underlying functionality of content management software, as well as making enhancements to this software and providing all new software solutions to provide exactly you need in your web site.

Bespoke Client-Server Applications

All businesses generate a lot of paperwork, which leaves office and field staff struggling to keep in touch. The aim is to empower your field force to manage the systems directly, keeping them in the loop at all times whilst reducing the need for paperwork. When done correctly the office role becomes a control system which can co-ordinate the business in real-time.

Steps to producing a bespoke client-server application :-

  • Evaluate your business to understand how it can be streamlined.
  • Design a database to store all the data required by the process.
  • Provide security protocols for ensuring sensitive data is handled safely.
  • Design front-end interface for use on computer, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Produce the backend system to process and store all the data.