Basic Hosting Package

Basic Hosting Package – £50 per year

This package is ideal for small static sites. Support is provided for pages written in HTML and PHP, as well as Perl scripts. Provision has been made for a single database, but we would only recommend this package where the databases are small and only take a minor role in the running of the site.

The following features are available with this package:
  • Web usage – 5 Gigabytes (Gb) of data can be transferred to/from the server each month.
  • Files on server – 5,000 files can be stored on the server at any one time.
  • Disk space on server – 5 Gigabytes (Gb) of data can be stored on the server at any one time.
  • Email accounts – 50 email accounts can be created.
  • Email storage – 250 Megabytes (Mb) of emails can be stored for each email account.
  • FTP accounts – 50 FTP accounts can be created.
  • Databases – 1 MySQL database can be created.
  • Contention ratio – To provide a flexible and stable server we allocate these accounts with a 10:1 contention ratio.
  • Email per hour – Each domain can send 50 emails per hour.
  • Webmail – Enables you to access email via a web browser.
  • Email Forwarders – Redirect email to a different email account.
  • Email Auto-Responder – Respond to emails with a standard response, such as when you are away on holiday.
  • Webalizer Reporting – Track website usage detail number of hits, most popular pages, referrer sites, etc.
  • Sub-domains – www is the default sub-domain, but others can be requested.
    (e.g. if you have a mobile version of your site)
  • URL redirects – Redirect secondary domains to your preferred domain.
    (e.g. could redirect to
  • Multiple languages – HTML, PHP, Perl are all supported on our Apache driven web servers.
Optional Extra:
  • Postini Spam Protection at £2 per month per email account.